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Teaching Materials
Presentation and teaching materials are for Optimists who teach officers specific skills and general leadership development. Here you will find faculty guides, handouts and PowerPoint presentations. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to open these files. If you do not have PowerPoint, click here for the free download of the PowerPoint Viewer. To save the file on your computer, right click on the file and choose the “Save Target As” option. Then save to your computer. PowerPoint slides may be printed on transparencies and used with an overhead projector.

Web Workshop
These are “templates” for use in creating new presentations and writing on-line tutorials.
Template for writing Web Workshop
Faculty Guide Introduction

Club Officers – Teaching Materials
Standard curriculum for new Club Presidents and Secretary/Treasurers

Quiz Bowl for Clubs - PowerPoint
NOW Program - PowerPoint

District Officers – Teaching Materials
Catch a Rising Star (PowerPoint) – PowerPoint for a two-hour Second Quarter District Presentation to attract future Lieutenant Governors-Elect and District Committee Chairpersons
Catch a Rising Star (pdf) – Outline and samples for setting up a future leaders seminar
Tracking by Districts – An Excel spreadsheet to keep track of Club/Zone performance within a District
Action Plans – A format for creating Committee Action Plans
District Policies Guide – Suggested model for official District Policies
Tips for Planning District Conferences and Conventions - A guide for District Convention Chairs

All of the following are different components of the same standardized curriculum for training new Lieutenant Governors.
Faculty Guide – Lieutenant Governor-Elect Conference – A printable “Faculty Guide”
Faculty Guide – Lieutenant Governor Workbook – A matching printable handout
Faculty Guide – Lieutenant Governor Training – The PowerPoint presentation
Agenda – Lieutenant Governor Training – The training agenda

Following are mostly PowerPoints representing standardized curriculum for training District Governors-Elect
Governor Curriculum Overview

Leadership Development – Teaching Materials
This curriculum represents parts one and two of PowerPoints with the accompanying agenda and handouts for the three- to six-hour seminar “Bringing Out the Leader in You.” This is often taught during the Second or Third Quarter by a Certified Trainer.
Bringing Out the Leader (by Reyling & Dempsey)
Bringing Out the Leader (by Dunn & Hyttenrauch)

Bringing Out the Leader Agenda
Bringing Out the Leader Handout
Bringing Out the Leader Evaluation
Motivate, Coach & Recognize

Following are two-hour “Skills Development Modules” that can be taught to general Optimist audiences. Most PowerPoint presentations have an accompanying pdf handout. With a little study and preparation, these can be taught by a qualified presenter.
Choosing Optimism Module – Instructor
Choosing Optimism Module – Participant

Choosing Optimism Module PowerPoint

Creative Problem Solving Module – Instructor
Creative Problem Solving Module – Participant
Creative Problem Solving Module PowerPoint

Effective Time Management Module – Instructor

Effective Time Management Module – Participant
Effective Time Management Module PowerPoint

Leadership Styles & Profiles Module – Instructor

Leadership Styles and Profiles Module – Participant
Leadership Styles & Profiles Module PowerPoint

Managing Change Module – Instructor
Managing Change Module – Participant
Managing Change Handout - Coping
Managing Change Handout - Caterpillar

Mentoring Module – Instructor
Mentoring Module – Participant
Mentoring Module PowerPoint

Orientation to Optimism for New Members - Instructor

Orientation to Optimism for New Members - Participant

Parliamentary Procedure Module – Instructor
Parliamentary Procedure Module – Participant
Parliamentary Procedure
Parliamentary Procedure Module PowerPoint

Public Speaking Module – Instructor
Public Speaking Module – Participant
Public Speaking Module PowerPoint

Team Building Module – Instructor
Team Building Module – Participant
Team Building Module PowerPoint

Goal Setting

JOOI – Teaching
Teaching kids the basic principles of leadership
Leadership for Kids

Tools for Teaching
Fun skits and scripts for adding excitement to your learning experience