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This site is for Optimist Leaders to submit reports, access leadership information and obtain teaching guides.
Leadership Questions

Leadership Info

Here you can access a variety of information to assist you as a leader. You will find this information in online learning web pages, Microsoft Word files, pdf files and PowerPoints. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the pdf files. If you do not have Acrobat, click here for the free download.You will need PowerPoint Viewer to open the PowerPoints. If you do not have PowerPoint, click here for the free download of the PowerPoint Viewer. To save the file on your computer, right click on the file and choose the “Save Target As” option. Then save to your computer. PowerPoint slides may be printed on transparencies and used with an overhead projector.

Club Info
District Info
Personal Development

National Association of Parliamentarians - NEW RESOURCE!
In July 2010, Optimist International entered into a partnership with the National Association of Parliamentarians. Widely known as the experts on parliamentary procedure, the association's resources are now available to Optimist Clubs and Districts. To consult the association and take advantage of this resource, visit www.parliamentarians.org.

Tools for Leaders
Optimist Poem by Dan Moss
Member Interest Finder

Certified Trainers
These are pre-qualified “official” representatives of Optimist International who are chosen for their presentation skills, go through a three-day qualification course and are available to speak to Districts and Optimists by contacting the Optimist International Leadership Department.

Optimist Training Institute Overview
Certified International Trainer List
Certified Trainer Information Flyer
Certified Trainer Nomination Form
Certified Trainers by District - NEW! A complete list of Certified Trainers at the Club, District and International levels, in order by District; e-mail addresses are included.
Certified Trainer Application
Certified Trainer Request Form
Evaluation of a Certified Trainer by an Attendee
Evaluation of a Certified Trainer by a District

Club Info

Web Workshops – Club
These on-line tutorials take you through the basics of leadership that can enhance your leadership skills and activate your Club to a new level of vitality and vigor.

Installing a New Member – How to Install a New Member
Maintenance and Retention (members) – How to keep your most valuable asset – Members
New Optimists Wanted Program – NOW program to recruit new Members around evening dinner event
Boosting Attendance (club) – How to increase attendance at your meetings

Club President Information - The following are chapters that used to make up the document known as the Club President's Answer Book
Club Organization
Board of Directors
Club President
Club Vice President
Club Secretary Treasurer
Club Meetings
Club Budget & Finances
Club Nominations
Optimist International Structure & Services
New Member Induction and Pledge
Member Retention

How to Be a Great Club President – A seven-part series for the new Club President
Accepting the Challenge – Rewards, role, function and getting started
Resources for Success – Websites, Lieutenant Governor, District, International, conferences and publications
Leading Your Team – Using your strengths, gaining trust, leading by example and how to motivate and manage volunteers
Club Administration – CEO, Board, Committees, Bylaws, dues, budget, fundraising and reports
Success Through Growth – Growth and service, recognition, PGI, public relations, newsletters and e-mail
Bringing Out the Best in Kids – Scholarships, JOI, youth activities
Leaving Your Legacy – Purpose and goals, charting your progress and making a difference

Club President Workbooks
Faculty Guide Introduction

Faculty Guide Club President-Elect Workbook – Self-directed workbook to consider a variety of skills to become President
New Optimists Wanted (NOW) Booklet (recruitment event) A publication about how to conduct a "New Optimists Wanted" recruitment event
New Optimists Wanted (NOW) Program Planning Guide - This planning guide takes Optimist Clubs step by step through the planning process to ensure a successful NOW event.
Optimist Clubs Overview - A PowerPoint presentation about what Optimist Clubs and Optimist International have to offer to new Members and the community.

Club Committee Duties & Information
Here you will find a one-page summary for each Club Committee containing an overview of job description, committee makeup, duties and responsibilities and a start to generating “action plans.” This is a great delegation tool between President and Committee Chairperson!

Club A&A (Achievement & Awards)
Club Chaplain
Club Club Service - Honor Club
Club Community Service
Club Essay
Club Finance
Club Foundation Rep
Club JOOI Committee (Junior Optimists)
Club Membership
Club NBC (New Club Building)
Club Nominating
Club Oratorical
Club Parliamentarian
Club Personal Growth & Involvement
Club Program
Club Public Relations
Club Respect for Law & Non Violence
Club Sergeant at Arms
Club Tri-star Sports
Club Youth Appreciation
Club Youth Safety

Club Secretary/Treasurer Information
Club Secretary/Treasurer
Club Budget & Finances
Faculty Guide Introduction

Faculty Guide Club Secretary/Treasurer Designate Workbook – A self-directed printable learning guide for new Club Secretary/Treasurers

Club Programs Resource Materials
International Programs and Community Activities Overview - Everything You Need to Know
CCC Club Planning Guide
CCC Matching Grant Program
CCDHH Club Planning Guide
Essay Club Planning Guide
Oratorical Club Planning Guide
Oratorical Publicity Brochure
Kids Speak Out Promotional Brochure
Respect for Law Planning Guide
Tri-Star Sports Planning Guide
Youth Appreciation Planning Guide
Youth Safety Planning Guide

District Info

Suggested District Policies
District Allotment Due Dates

Conference Agendas – District
Sample quarterly conference agendas. Use these as a checklist of possible items to include in your planning. Do not feel you should use all of the ideas. Keep it simple and above all, meet the needs of your Club Officers!

Faculty Guide Conferences & Convention Training
1st quarter agenda
2nd quarter agenda
3rd quarter agenda
4th quarter agenda

Club Officer Installation Ceremony Script

District Committees – Duties & Information
Here you will find a one-page summary for each District Committee containing an overview of job description, committee makeup, duties and responsibilities and a start to generating “action plans.” This is a great delegation tool between Governor and Committee Chairperson!

An Organization for District Committees – Consider using a “committee liaison” to assist in managing numerous District Committees
Action Planning Form for Committees – Assist the Chairperson in beginning the process of creating their own “action plans”
District A&A Chair – Achievement & Awards
District Activities Chair
District Bulletin Editor
District CCC Chair – Childhood Cancer Campaign
District CCDHH Chair – Communications Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
District Club Services Chair
District Convention Ambassador
District CQ Chair – Candidate Qualifications
District Director of Personal Growth – Personal Growth and Involvement (PGI)
District Essay Chair
District Finance Chair
District Foundation Rep
District JOI Chair – Junior Optimist Octagon International
District Leadership Development Chair
District Meetings & Convention Chair
Tips for Planning District Conferences and Conventions

District Membership Chair
District NCB Chair – New Club Charters
District Junior Golf Chair
District Oratorical Chair
District Public Relations Chair
District Supply Chair
District Webmaster

CQ Chair Handbook

Governor Checklist – Month-by-month planning guide
Governor-Elect Checklist Calendar – Month-by-month planning guide

Tracking by Districts – Tracking chart to keep track of your Clubs’ and Zones’ performance
Committee Appointment Chart – A chart to assist in consideration of possible candidates for Committee appointment
District Committee Organization Chart – An organization chart for supervision of a variety of District Committees

Lieutenant Governor
Zone Report for District Conference Form (.xls)
Zone Report for District Conference Instruction Sheet
The above materials were created by Robert Sojourner Sr., South Carolina District

Lieutenant Governor Student Workbook
Faculty Guide Introduction
Faculty Guide Lieutenant Governor Workbook – Self-directed printable workbook to assist in acquiring the skills of Lieutenant Governor

A District S/T Checklist Calendar – Month-by-month planning guide
District S/T Training – Handout for the job of District Secretary/Treasurer
Sample District Chart of Accounts

District Programs Resource Materials
Childhood Cancer Campaign Planning Guide
Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCDHH) District Planning Guide
Essay Contest District Planning Guide
Optimist Junior Golf Program – District Manual
Optimist Junior Golf Program – Running your Optimist Qualifier
Optimist Junior Golf Program – Finances and Fundraising

Oratorical Contest District Planning Guide
Kids Speak Out

Personal Development

Process Centered Leadership

PGI Program
PGI passport requirements
PGI Recognition Form

Reports & Payments
Update your Roster and pay your dues